Help us tell our story. Give to our Literacy Quilt to support our students' success.

Sew stories of students' adversity to achievement together with a personal note.

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$2,600 goal

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In the beginning, many students enter the Council without anyone knowing they are here, including spouses, children, or workplace. They come because of a quiet immediate need to learn English, get a diploma, or read more proficiently. They often are going through a crisis as we try to determine how best to help them continue their learning.

Our students come to us at different ages for different reasons.

Diane, who raised her children, one of whom earned his PhD, is now in her 60s, and her children encouraged her to get her own high school diploma.

Chad left school because his single mother was ill, and he needed to get a job. At 24, he is working with a tutor so he can pursue higher education.

Kyle, at 33, came to us in after losing his $60,000 job. He now needs his diploma right away so he can get a better job.

Manuel came to the US from Mexico, and he worked several odd jobs. He found a place in a trucking company, and had a goal to get his high school diploma so he could increase his living wage.


With your donation, you will sign your name in permanent fabric marker. Choose to write your own name, the name of a favorite book, or In Memoriam.

For every donation, our quilt will grow row by row. Once you help build our library, our quilter will design the quilt and cut the fabric. You'll come to our offices at a time convenient to you to sign your book.

What is the donation for each level?

  • Book - $25. Just 54 books are available, and each one offers one student a scholarship for their yearly fee to join the Council. Sign the binding of the book with their name, the title of a favorite book, or an In Memoriam.
  • Large Book - $75. There are 15 available. These larger books are like the big steps our students take to better their future - a Citizenship class or high school equivalency diploma test. Sign the binding of the book with your name, a favorite quote, or In Memoriam.
  • Signed Block - $100. There are 5 available. Sign your name for a day of education - testing, counseling, and tutoring for one student. After you sign your name to the block, our quilter will embroider over your signature.

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